About Us

We are a group of web designers, software engineers, web developers, and web application specialists passionate about making SOFTWARE and DATABASE. Our goal is to provide the best, innovative, unique creative software solutions and/or data services to our valued customers.

Our Mission

Getting great software and/or great data service(s) out to users is the single goal that drives us. Our mix of skills and talent means we have everything to meet that goal in one place. Design, service development, testing, deployment, and anything in between those clearly defined roles - we cover it all.

Our Plan

We often express a desire to empower users by providing them with tools and solutions that enhance their productivity, efficiency, and overall quality of life. This may involve creating user-friendly interfaces, intuitive designs, and accessible technologies.

Our Vision

Our aim to global impact by reaching users around the world. This could involve expanding into international markets, addressing global challenges through software solutions, or fostering a diverse and inclusive global community


As technology continues to advance, software companies often adapt their service offerings to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide value to their clients.

Android Application

We provide Android Apps Develop Service in Bangladesh for different industries and business. You can easily get more benefits from your local or global business using custom android apps. We are one of the leading Android Apps Development Company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Web Development

Microbase Limited is a leading Web Development Company in Bangladesh offering different web development service. We aim to provide best service to our clients with a reasonable price. A Web site is the best way to stay connected with your potential customer and you need to make it more attractive and secure.

Business Application

As a start-up, you have limited funds. You can experiment anything but your technology service provider because it is equivalent to burning your money. The skills required to build a gaming app is totally different from skills required to build a business app.

IT Consultancy

Strategy and Scoping: Using our specialist team of procurement consultants, we quickly identify the 'As-Is' Situation for the in-scope spend categories such that we understand the What, Where, Who and How of each category.

Domain & Hosting Sales

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website

ERP Solutions

We are one of the leading ERP software company in Bangladesh develop modern ERP software for our clients at a reasonable price. We make your business task easy by including all of your business task management system. You can simply track all of your business activity with this automated software.

Our Skills

Our technical team represents more than 12 years of IT experience. We are a very mixed group with expertise ranging from device driver developments to style sheets to design framework. On the data entry preference front we are equally varied, revolving from data archiving to data scanning to data management.

HTML5 / CSS3 100%
PHP MySQL using Laravel & Codeigniter Framework 99%
Javascript/ jQuery 98%
React JS/ Vue JS 95%







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260/06(Level-4), Malibagh Mor, Dhaka-1217

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+88 01933 827744

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